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Venerated inHaitian Vodou, Folk Catholicism
AttributesRum, gunpowder, red, black, bulls, snakes, 7 tree leaves
PatronageCrossroads, misfortune, destruction, sorcery

Kalfu[1][a] (literally crossroads) is one of the petro aspects of Papa Legba, a lwa in Haitian Vodou. He is often envisioned as a young man or as a enigmatic spirit; his color is black or red and he favors rum infused with gunpowder. He is often syncretized with the Shadow

As his name indicates, he also controls the crossroads and has the power to grant or deny access to all other lwa, or spirits, and he allows the "crossing" with an understanding into the nature of chaos and creation, good and misfortune, and injustices.[3]



  1. ^ alternative spellings include Kalfou,[1] Kafou,[citation needed], Carrefour,[1] Maître Carrefour,[2] Maitre Carrefour,[citation needed] Mait' Carrefour,[1] or Mèt Kalfou[citation needed]


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