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Founded1582; 442 years ago (1582)

Thorbräu is one of the oldest breweries in Germany, [citation needed] founded in 1582 in Augsburg, Bavaria. Their beer is brewed in a specific standard that is not a part of the Reinheitsgebot, but of Augsburg's own beer purity laws that have been set since 1156, explaining that no version of beer can be brewed using inferior ingredients resulting in an inferior beer.

The more than 400-year-old brewery is located on the edge of Augsburg's old town at Wertachbrucker Tor [de]. This tradition has been continued since 1875 by a 4th generation family. As one of the main proprietors of the regularly held Wertachbruckerthorfest, Thorbräu is clearly committed to an Augsburg tradition that has never faltered, and is still in operation currently. The brewery itself is only a roughly thirty minute travel time to Munich, for the annual Oktoberfest.

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